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Plants with a total covered area of 40,000sqm, a fully automated slitting department, and the renovation of a state-of-the-art laboratory and R & D center run by industry experts.

  • 1 High-Speed coating lines
  • 4 fully automatic and robotic slitter
  • 3 Fully automatic and robotic slicer4
  • colour printing line. automatic
  • packing line.
  • The continuous development and upgrade of the plant facilities, highlight the company’s dynamic for technologically advanced production and high-quality standards.
    Products are developed under the strict supervision of technocrats and highly skilled people, engaged in developing the industry’s new demands and concepts. We produce quality products at a very competitive price and have never been known to compromise on quality.

    The Stylus distribution network has established itself as a market leader. These include Packaging, Engineering, Automotive, Stationery, Hardware, Paint, Construction, Safety, Aeronautical, Manufacturing, Mining and many other industries.


    Kansuee is continuously applying modern management techniques such as Kaizen to enable employees to improve their day-to-day functioning in small steps, one at a time.
    A large investment has also been made in the personnel, with skilled employees constituting the heart and soul of the operation, and this has been joined by new employees as well as constant development of the company. A strong customer focus is driven by a dedicated national sales force manager of our distribution chain.
    The company has introduced these techniques as it firmly believes that small changes add up to large results, and the only way for a corporation to grow is to make its people grow. The group is driven by qualified and experienced professionals backed by a workforce of employees. An open-door policy at all levels encourages employees to be participative, innovative, and creative.

    Empowering employees helps the organisation in harnessing individual talents to the fullest. Emphasis is laid on building team spirit, which helps employees realise their collective potential.

    A unique selling proposition comes from manufacturing quality products while keeping costs to a minimum. In addition to homes and offices, consumers include corporate, government sectors, and educational institutes.

    We are just a call away from your entire requirement of Industrial Tape.

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High Strength Masking Tape, Premium BOPP Cello Tapes, Plain Social Distance Tape, Zebra Floor Marking Tape, Anti-Skid Safety Tape, Glow line Anti-Skid Tape, Aqua Soft Anti-Skid Tape. Major PSA tape like Cross Filament Tape, Duct Tape, Aluminium Foil Tape, Heavy Duty Aluminium Reinforced Tape, Paper Craft Tape, Binding Tape, Gypsum Tape, Insulation (Electric) Tape, Pre Printed Tape, Easy Cover Masking Tape, Double Sided Foam Tape, Double Side Blue PE Foam Tape, Double Side Green PE Foam Tape, Double Side Blue Gray Foam Tape, Red Polyester Tape, VHB Grey Tape, VHB Acrylic Transparent Tape, Mirror Mounting Tape, Double Sided Magic Tape, Multi Surface Sealant, Industrial Silicone Sealants (Weatherproof), Professional Silicone Sealants (Indoor Purpose), Double Sided Tissue Tape (Solvent, Double Sided Tissue Tape (Hotmelt), Hot melt Glue Gun & Hot melt Glue Sticks